Monday, May 12, 2008

It's been a long time...

I have been somewhat unattentive to my blog as of late, so I guess this post will be very jampacked! Since my last post I have seen Purim, Pesach and Yom Ha'atzmaut and have experienced all the celebrations therein. In Australia, these Jewish festivals would usually go by with little fanfare, but it is a different story entirely here in the Jewish capital of the Diaspora. Purim, the festival that encourages drunkenness was a week long instead of a day and I managed to get through the work week despite having attended 4 Purim parties that week!

For Pesach (Passover) I went with my friend Tracey to Chicago to visit her friends and family and also to visit some of my own family. On the Friday night before Pesach, we stayed in downtown Chicago with some friends of Tracey's and had a great night in a place called Viagra Circle (where men of Viagra age are on the prowl). Having come from New York where the men have a lot more of the power in the battle of the sexes, Men in Viagra circle are so much more aggressive. I think we were only at the bar for 10 seconds befure we had a number of guys wanting to buy us drinks!
The following night we had our first night seder with Tracey's family and the second night I spent with my cousins and Great Aunt (my grandmother's sister) and Great Uncle. It was great to see them all again and have my Aunty Sala fuss over me the way my Grandmother did when she was alive. It reminded me of my grandmother and was very touching. After the seder. Tracey and I went out with one of my cousin's Daniel and we went to Second City which is an improv theatre where a lot of famous comedians start their career.
I had informed my work that I was taking the Monday off due to my trip to Chicago. However, on Monday morning I got a phone call telling me that the funding for my project had been cut and I was not to come back to Pfizer until funding was again approved. Kinda killed my day off! But it looked like I was going to have a lot more than a day off!
So I'm back on the market for another job - not a great time to be looking given the current market conditions and the fact that the Summer is looming. On a lighter note, my parents arrive to visit me in two weeks, so maybe I'll be able to hang out with them more than I had planned!

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