Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Crazy Night in NYC!

The other night I had such a fun night that I feel that it deserves an enitre post all of it's own. It started off with Tracey and I attending a book launch party in the West Village. The book had something to do with the South Beach lifestyle in the 90s but in reality we didn't have much interest in the book, we were just up for an interesting party. There were a number of minor celebrities at this party, namely Cabdace Bushnell, writer of Sex & the City and Lipstick Jungle tp name a few, Tommy Hilfiger's daughters put in an appearance and the party was also attended by an apparent big time celebrity photographer, Patrick McMullan. I managed to meet Candace, but she wasn't too interested in talking, there was talk that she was a little sloshed! Tracey and I did meet a great woman, I would describe her as the quintessential New York Jewish woman. Her name is Fran and she is a Fashion Broker, in her 40s or 50s and is hilarious and totally says it how it is! Tracey and I had a lot of fun with her. Tracey got groped by some gay guys (not sure what the purpose of that was) and I was talking to an apparently
straight guy in a woman's fur-collared coat! Very strange already.
Then Tracey and I and some others headed off for dinner with some of our crew to a place called the Waverley Inn in the West Village. There were paparazzi out the the front, but they were rather tight lipped about who was inside. When we were seated, we could see two other parties from the party we attended - Candace Bushnell's crew and Fran's crew - what a coincidence!
Out the back there was a private room with a bunch of people and we noticed Chace Crawford from Gossip Girl and Mary Kate Olsen from every twin show on earth and the Heath Ledger drama. A bit later in the night, the celebrity crew started to leave, and I headed out to find out what had happened to the ever so cute Chace Crawford. Well, he was standing in an alcove with a bunch of people, so I walked up to him and introduced myself. We chatted for a bit and then I dragged him up the restaurant to meet my friends! They were somewhat in awe by my gall!
Later on, we went into the bar area of the Waverly Inn and met some British guys. We went with them to some Members Only club (no-not one you're thinking!) where the drinks are free for Members and their friends. It was a 4 storey townhouse on 14th street. Very cool - but empty so we left.
I'm really not sure I've done the night justice by my description. But trust me when I say it was a blast!

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