Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Happy & Sad

Happy - Got a new contract job! Actually had two offers on the same day. I decided to work on the project with Pfizer over the one with the New York Stock Exchange mainly due to the software I would learn at Pfizer as well as an intuition about the people I will be working with. I start on Monday!
Sad - Heath Ledger died (I'm sure you are fully aware by now). I was actually in his street today (Broome St in Soho) but I guess I didn't go past his building because I didn't see the flowers outside his building that Entertainment Tonight report were there today.

Happy - I reconnected recently with some old friends from Philadelphia that I met when I was in Israel when I was 15. I found them on facebook! I'm visiting them next weekend for a mini reunion!
Sad - The reason I thought about them was because of news of one of my Philadelphian friends who committed suicide on January 1st; Jordan Charlestein aka Dream Smith.

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