Sunday, January 17, 2010

Quito & the Galapagos

We arrived in this big city in Ecuador on Jan 15, Jackie’s birthday. I would love to be able to say that I made Jackie’s birthday a great day, but in reality, I made it crap. Apparently, even though I had left Bogota, it had not left me, but it proceeded to do so that day in all directions. It was bad enough that they called the doctor for me to administer injections. Sorry Jackie!

Whilst the doctor was there, Jackie had some questions for him about how to get rid of the chronic hives she had been experiencing over the last week. He had an injection for her too. But when she looked it up online and it said “17% chance of respiratory arrest” and “8% chance of death” she opted to decline his kind offer!

The next day we booked a 5 day cruise in the Galapagos at great last minute rates. The guy had had a charter that was cancelled so he cut his prices in half.

So we joined the 5 day cruise, which we shared with 4 other couples (not that we were a couple!).  It ruly was an amazing experience -we saw some great wildlife -penguins, lizards, pelicans, turtles, tortoises, stingrays, fish and my favourite - seals and sea lions! 

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