Friday, July 25, 2008

Summer in NYC

Before I moved here, I was advised that Summer was the worst time to be in New York City due to the intense heat and humidity. Well, I have to disagree - I think Summer is the best time to be in NYC. It is true that at times the heat can be oppressive, especially when you are in the subways that have next to no ventilation. But Summer in the city has its definite advantages. There are loads of events in the city, like free concerts in the park and street festivals and parades. Also, a lot of locals leave on the weekends to head out to places like the Hamptons and the Jersey Shore. That leaves the city relatively quieter and it is actually fantastic to walk through the city on a Sunday morning - it is so quiet that it has a totally different vibe than the rest of the week. Actually on the fourth of July (Independence Day), the city took on a new level of stillness. It reminded me of an overcast Christmas Day in Surfers Paradise.

Speaking of the fourth of July, do you recall the phrase "It was like fourth of July". It's often referred to on American shows when a woman is describing a magical kiss, as if there were amazingly huge fireworks. In the lead up to Independence Day, in true American form, I was told of how big the fireworks were on the fourth of July. As with many things, it appears that many things in this country are overstated!

That's not to say I didn't have a great Independence Day! I managed to hear about a party held by someone I don't know on his personal penthouse roofdeck in Midtown East, with a perfect view of the (just like any other) fireworks. They had limitless alcohol, a bbq, and a band. Afterward we went to a new bar at the builing formerly known as the Plaza hotel. Very plush.

So, other things I have been doing this Summer; I went white water rafting. It was sooo much fun! I went on a day trip to the LeHigh River in Pennsylvania, a 2 hour trip from the city. I play in a Summer softball league in various places around the city from Central Park all the way up to Harlem (is a little scary up there).
The city also opens up a slew of rooftop bars in the Summer and I have been making the most of the al fresco socializing. And next weekend some girls and I are renting a room at the Empire Hotel just so we can use the pool!
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