Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Halloween and other gatherings

I never expected that Halloween was such a huge holiday here - but it really is! And it doesn't just go for one day. As with all holidays in the US, a one day holiday is stretched as far as it can possibly go. As Halloween fell on a Wednesday this year, many parties were held on the Friday and Saturday nights before. I made the mistake of going to a party for charity downtown. It was supposedly in a"ballroom" but was really more like a scout hall. Well, by the time the actual halloween came around I was totally over it!! Apparently there was a parade but I'd had enough. Oh, and if you didn't realize - I was a devil!
The previous Sunday I had a few girls over for my first gathering at my apartment. We had a great time and then we headed down to the games room in my apartment building. We played table tennis, air hockey and most importantly Wii!!! I'd never played it before and myself and all the girls loved it! Who said it's a boy's toy! To the left is a pic of most of the girls on my roof deck. Laura and Randi are missing because they are chicken!
At the end of next week my current contract will finish and on Thanksgiving day I am heading down to Club Med Turks & Caicos with my friend Laura for a week. Looking forward to it! After that it will be back to New York and looking for my next project!

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