Monday, October 1, 2007

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie....

Last week I had a bit of an "Australian" week. As you can probably tell from my picture, I went to the baseball. It was my first baseball game and I had a lot of fun. I went with another expat Aussie and two of his friends visiting from Australia. If you've watched any baseball movies, you'll know what a big deal it is to catch a foul ball that ends up in the stadium.
The boys I was there with got very excited every time a ball headed our way. Of course, it's something that happens once in a lifetime so the chances of either of them catching one of them is pretty rare. But guess what - the guy that was visiting from Australia actually caught one! It was pretty impressive.
And of course, as you all know, it was the AFL grand final last weekend. The Aussie contigent in NY doesn't miss a chance to gather for an Australian event and there were a number of venues around the city televising the game live, which started around 12:45am our time. I went to an Australian bar called the Sunburnt Cow down in Alphabet City which was far too small for the crowd that turned up and it's not the greatest setup to watch a football game. But I wasn't that really interested in the game anyway, so it didn't matter too much to me.
On the Saturday night I went to yet another Australian get together for an Aussie guy that had decided to move back to Australia. I took an American friend of mine, Dana, who had never been exposed to so many Australians in one go - I think she had a lot of fun and appreciated the sense of fun that Aussies have. I think I've had my fill of Australian events for a while. But I must admit, it is very nice to hang out with people that know how to relax and joke around, and don't take themselves too seriously!

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