Monday, September 3, 2007

New Apartment, New Job, New Life

I know it has been a long time since my last post (except for the one that I just posted) and my only excuse (but it's a good one) is that I have been flat out arranging and starting my new life. So just to backtrack from my blog post a month a go, I returned to the consulate the next day to collect my passport that contained my visa inside. Yay! I am now officially a resident of the US. It's a relief that you may never really grasp the magnitude of, unless you yourself had packed up your entire life to move overseas on the possibility that you might get a job and a visa to live in a foreign country. But I did it. Phew.

So now I was all set for my new life, with a new job and a new apartment. I spent the weekend arranging the furniture for my new apartment. I found this company that allows me to buy everything at real wholesale prices but the catch is that I have to wait for the furniture to come directly from the manufacturer, which can take anywhere between 2 and 12 weeks, depending on the manufacturer. So I decided that my two mandatory items - a mattress and a TV would have to be purchased at a retailer. At this point, my apartment consists of a mattress, a TV and a few other items I purchase online such as an accent chair (right).
Once my apartment is fully furnished, I'll take some snaps and post them up - it's going to be beautiful.
Now on to the new job. It's funny, I've spent more time with my client than I have my employers. They are waiting on moving in to a new office so until then, I spend my time working from home or at the client's office. Did I mention I have next to no furniture in my apartment? So, when working, I sit on the chair (above) and put my laptop either on my lap or on a makeshift table I have made out of the many cardboard boxes I have accumulated.
Anyway, the job is good and has potential to be great with lots of opportunity to do some creative and entrepeneurial things. And my bosses are cool 30-somethings of the tribe and we all went out a couple weeks ago and had a really great time.
The last few weekends I have spent out in the Hamptons. I was meant to go this last long weekend, but I had some issues getting out there and then decided it was probably a good thing that I stay in the city and chill out. The last 6 weeks have been quite a whirlwind and I really need to slow down and rest so that I could focus on work when I needed to. I think I was suffering a bit from exhaustion the last couple of weeks. Despite what you may think -the Hamptons is by no means relaxing. So I was going from working and playing hard during the week as well as organising my apartment and putting together furniture to just playing hard on the weekend and I really needed a break.
I ended up sleeping most of the day yesterday! I think I am almost recharged now!


Simon said...

Hey Auds, Sounds like everything is falling into place for you (as it should).
Love Simon.

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